Checklist & FAQ's
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  •  Yes, you will be provided with an exhibitor Wi-Fi login onsite.
  •  If you have an advert booked there will be an advert submission form in the compulsory forms tab with details about your advert and how to submit it.
  •  Agility will supply fork lifting services, pallet jacks and trolleys to exhibitors during bump in and bump out free of charge. Please note that these services are on a first come first served basis.
  •  Furniture is included with some Turnkey Stands (not for space only stands). For more details, visit Stand Inclusions. 
  •  Yes, they can be used as a fixed feature of an exhibit, display or as a table decoration. They must be tied down to ensure they do not float to the ceiling. If they do float to the ceiling, you may be charged retrieval costs due to the complexity of removing them.

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