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  •  Yes, visitors and exhibitors have access to the free ICC Sydney public Wi-Fi for basic browsing, email and social media.
  •  Should you require dedicated Internet access, complete the ICC Sydney Internet Services request. This is located under Compulsory Forms  > Additional Service order forms > Cable Boradband Internet Service section.
  •  As this is a trade show you may take orders and payments (credit card, cash) at the show, but goods must NOT be traded / delivered / handed over at the show. Stock deliveries must be made off site at a later date.  You can however sample products at the show.
  •  From 4pm – 5pm on Wednesday 18 July ONLY you may sell DISPLAY stock directly from your stand to help speed up your bump out process and reduce transport costs.
  •  Yes you can, please ensure you follow the ICC Sydney and City of Sydney guidelines and complete the relevant forms.  This is all available under Compulsory Forms tab > stand activity form
  •  If you have an advert booked there will be an advert submission form in the compulsory forms tab with details about your advert and how to submit it.
  •  Agility will supply forklifting services, pallet jacks and trolleys to exhibitors during bump in and bump out free of charge. Please note that these services are on a first come first served basis.
  •  The floor plan is changing on a daily basis, so please contact a member of the NoVacancy team for the latest version.
  •  If you have a shell scheme or space only stand you will NOT have furniture as part of your stand package. You can order it from Exponet or bring your own.  Visit Stand Inclusions for more information.
  •  If you have a turnkey stand, some furniture is included. Visit Stand Inclusions for more information.
  •  Contact Agility directly and arrange for your goods to be delivered by 5 pm Thursday 12 July to the Agility depot. Agility will provide you with a specific delivery label and they will forward your goods to the show on Sunday 15 July.
  •  Alternatively, you may deliver goods and set up your stand on Monday 16 July.
  •  Yes, they can be used as a fixed feature of an exhibit, display or as a table decoration. They must be tied down to ensure they do not float to the ceiling. If they do float to the ceiling, you may be charged retrieval costs due to the complexity of removing them.
  •  Most appliances have a rating on them either in watts e.g. - 600w or in amps e.g. 2.5amps.
  •  Use the wattage information on your appliance to determine the size of the power outlet you require. If you are unsure, contact ExpoNet's Exhibitor Services Department on 02 9645 7000 who will be happy to assist you.
  • 4amp power point = 1000 watts maximum (standard shell scheme stand power supply). Suitable for:
  • Small bar fridge
  • TV/ Video/DVD Computer/ Laptop
  • Desk Lamps
  • Radio
  • Tracker Unit / Card Swipe
  • Display cabinets
  • Phone Charger
  • EFTPOS Machine

  • 10amp power point = 2400 watts maximum. Suitable for:
  • Large fridge
  • Photocopier
  • Water coolers
  • Small Urns
  • Freezer

  • 15amp power point = 3600 watts. Suitable for:
  • Video walls
  • Large urns
  • Three Phase power points
  • 15amp three (3) phase - up to 3600 watts per phase
  • 30amp three (3) phase - up to 7200 watts per phase
  • ExpoNet can accommodate whatever 3 phase powerpoint you require, from 10amp 3 phase upwards (this is dependant on the venue).

  • Method to find (amp) load of item:
  • 240 w = 1 amp
  • 960 w = 4 amps.

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