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Having a stand at the Expo is a great start for winning new business, but there's more you can do to improve your results. Download our Top Tick List and use it as a checklist to ensure you’re on the right path to maximising your exhibiting experience.

Here are some more suggestions and helpful resources for your event marketing. Bring more of the right buyers to your stand!

Pre-Scheduled Meetings is our easy-to-use matchmaking software that helps you identify attendees you’d like to meet. Here’s how it works: 

  1. REGISTER FOR THE EVENT using your own email address and make sure you select YES when asked if you want access to the meetings platform and select your product/service categories. Once you receive your exclusive email invite, click ‘Get to the list’.
  2. Once you receive your access email, click Load My List and you’ll be presented with a list of registered interested in your products/services. To send a meeting request, simply click ‘MEET’ – don’t forget to add a friendly message!
  3. MEET THEM AT NOVACANCY! Meeting times are scheduled in 20-minute time blocks and take place at your stand.

Where your exhibitor listing will be located

  • Submit your company profile on time as it is featured on the Exhibitors page of the website and in the official event magazine.
  • The magazine is distributed at the event, and the e-version is distributed to approximately 30,000 professionals.

How to Submit your company listing

  • Click on the Compulsory Forms tab, open the Company Listings form and complete all details as listed.
  • If you've booked magazine advertising, please refer to your Compulsory Forms for artwork specifications. If a Magazine Submission Form does not appear in your Compulsory Forms, you do not have advertising included.

  • Exhibitor Invites is a powerful way to leverage your existing and prospective customer lists to ensure you’re making the most of your time at NoVacancy. You’ll receive a unique promo code and the tools to easily share it with your customers via customised emails, graphics, social media content, and more featuring your company logo and booth number. The best part is that it only takes 1-2 minutes to participate and you don’t need to share your sensitive customer email lists to do so.

Time to get the creative juices flowing and design a stand strategy that will engage visitors and generate leads.

Stand Artwork

  • To attract the right people on the day, make sure your stand artwork/signage clearly articulates what your business does.
  • Check out our stand artwork tips on our
    Name Description Deadline Action
    Top Tick List Top Tick List -- Click here to view
  • A targeted approach: rather than pulling visitors onto your stand as they walk past, you can target the right level and profile for your business to directly target them before the event.

Activity Budgeting Tips

  • When planning your budget, make sure you account for supporting marketing activities, prizes, extra staff and any other event-related expenses.
  • You should consider how you are going to best promote your business before, during and after the event to really maximise your overall experience and investment.

Engagement Tips and Icebreaker Tactics:

  • Think of ways to get engage visitors with your staff, product, service or social media.
  • Connect your activity to the theme of your trade show campaign or to your brand’s image.
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • On-stand games, contests and incentives
  • Photo booth or photo props encourage visitors to upload photos to social media using your hashtag/handle

Leads, leads, leads!

  • Incorporate a lead capturing strategy into your event plan.
  • Use digital Lead Scanners to collect leads. View more information.
  • Incentivise! Consider running a special offer or prize draw for those who scan their badge on your lead scanner.
  • Ensure your sales development teams contact prospects quickly after the event to follow-up. Exhibitors that fail to do this turn their ‘hot’ prospects to cold!

Download our Top Tips and use it as a checklist for your event marketing campaign. Here is a summary:

Set Objectives

  • Make sure you’ve identified your goals before the show and that everyone knows how the Return of Objectives will be measured.

Invite Your Best Prospects

  • Include your customers too. It can be a little embarrassing to see your customers at the event because they received an invitation from your competitor! Some ways to get the memo out:
  • Utilise the Exhibitor Invites provided by NoVacancy to send emails, add banners to your website and email signature, share on social media and more!
  • Give them a call and let them know you’ll be exhibiting.
  • You need to be clear on what your exhibiting objectives are, as this will help you determine the content that goes into your signage.
  • Your stand signage should showcase and position your brand and/or highlight the key problem/s that your solution/s fix. This could be done in an infographic style, using icons or imagery - or perhaps a few short snappy sentences.
  • You want the visitor to be able to identify what it is you offer at a quick glance. Keep your stand simple to avoid being lost in the information overload.

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