Stand Details
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What's included in your stand package


  •  ‘Space Only’ means only floor space has been booked. Exhibitors are responsible for arranging all requirements of their stand (design & build, electrics, carpet, furniture and lighting etc.).
  •  Harry the hirer is the preferred contractor for Space Only stands, however, exhibitors may appoint a contractor of their own choice. Please submit the appropriate contractor details via the form on the tab. Should you like to discuss creating a custom stand please contact:
  • Dana Radovanovic Ph: 0425 781 151 or Tammy White Ph: 0407 193 932

Floor Fixings

  •  Bolting, fixing or screwing to the venue floor is prohibited. Any damage to the floor may incur charges.

Height Limit

  •  Please note the minimum height required for any structure for visitors to pass under is 2.5m.
  •  Any stand over 2.5m requires the written permission of the organisers. The maximum permissible height for any stand is 5m.
  •  Floor heights: Any raised flooring that is 10mm and under must be taped down. Any flooring higher than 10mm must have a bevelled edge. Flooring that is between 32mm and 115mm high requires a bevelled edge that does not exceed an angle of 30 degrees or grading of 1:1.4. This bevelled edge is to be incorporated within the stand space and must not encroach into the aisle way. All flooring that exceeds 115mm in height is deemed to be a step. If the stand is to be occupied by the public or exhibition attendees, accessibility provisions need to be factored into the stand design

Lighting and Electrics

  •  The official electrical contractor for the show is Harry the hirer. They are responsible for carrying out ALL electrical installations on site. All main power orders must be ordered with Harry the Hirer. The power and lighting form can be found under the tab.
  • Space Only stands do not come with lighting as a standard. Overhead House lights from the venue will be turned on. If you wish to add lighting to your stand, please contact Harry the Hirer for further information.
  •  If 24-hour power is required, e.g. for refrigeration it must be ordered specifically with Harry the hirer. All stand electrics will be switched off after the specified exhibitor access times.
  •  All electrical equipment brought into the venue must be tagged and tested by a qualified electrician. This includes anything that can or will be plugged into an electrical socket e.g. phone chargers, power boards, laptop cords etc.
  •  The exhibition organiser will provide a testing and tagging service free of charge.
  •  If you choose to enclose the roof of your stand and use any electrical items, you must have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher on the stand.


  •  If your stand requires plumbing, please confer with your Sales Representative to ensure your stand is located over a service pit.
  •  Ensure you complete the water and waste services form available . It can also be found under the Compulsory Forms tab and return to the venue (MCEC).

Rigged Banners and lighting systems

  •  Space only exhibitors may rig lighting systems, banners or displays over their stand. The organiser and MCEC must approve all designs and plans.
  •  All rigged banners must fit within exhibitor space size.
  •  Harry the hirer is the exclusive rigging provider for the show. To arrange to rig, please contact Rory Kelly, Harry the hirer, 0450 607 679 Fees apply for this service.

Selling goods from your stand

  •  As this is a trade show you may take orders and payments (credit card, cash) at the show, but goods must not be traded/delivered/handed over at the show. Stock deliveries must be made off-site at a later date.
  •  From 3 pm – 4 pm on Saturday 12 February 2022 you may sell DISPLAY stock directly from your stand to help speed up your move-out process and reduce transport costs.

Stand Materials

  •  Materials used in stand construction must not stain or cause dampness, be readily ignitable or emit toxic fumes should ignition occur.
  •  Crepe paper, corrugated cardboard, straw, hay, untreated Hessian, untreated material fabrics or PVC sheet (except on floors as a protective membrane) are forbidden without the approval of the organisers.
  •  Sawdust, tan bark or wood chips of reasonable size may be used to decorate floors, providing a protective membrane is laid and chips are kept slightly moist at all times. Exhibitors may be asked to cover cleaning costs.
  •  Any fabric used in the construction or decoration of a stand must be treated with a fire retardant. Contact details for these services can be provided on request.
  • All painting and wallpapering is to be organised prior to the show. No painting is allowed on-site and must be arranged/carried our prior to the event.

Stand Regulations

  •  Exhibitors are responsible for sending their contractors a copy of this exhibitor information manual, floor plan, stand measurements and ensuring contractors or agents are familiar with the rules and regulations of the event.
  •  All work must conform to the regulations of National Media and the MCEC. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or their stand contractor to verify the allotted stand space on the floor plan, in order to avoid costly adjustments to stand structures from incorrect measurements for which the organisers cannot accept responsibility.
  •  Contractors must ensure they have up-to-date OH&S certificates in place.
  •  It is recommended that exhibitors obtain an after-hours number for any contractors.
  •  All contractors must complete a safety induction through the venue prior to arrival on-site, available directly from MCEC.
  •  The organisers may, at the expense of the exhibitor, remove or alter any part of any stand, if, in their opinion, it is desirable to do so in the interest of the exhibition or visitor safety.
  •  The Organiser and venue will have the final say on work practices within the venue from an operations perspective; and the right to exclude any design and construction that does not adhere to regulations pertaining to stand construction.

Submission of Space Only Stand Plans

  •  Proposed dimensional stand plans, contractor’s contact details, public liability certificates and risk assessments MUST be completed and submitted via the Compulsory Forms tab
  • Contractor Companies are to supply to the MCEC all OH&S compliance papers before commencing works. Supporting proof of an induction process of their company needs to be shown as evidence that all employees are inducted onto the MCEC site.
  •  Stand plans must show the proposed layout of the stand, in both plan and elevation view, it must show all dimensions and building materials.
  •  Failure to submit plans will result either in a delay in permission to build or proposed plans being refused building permission.


  •  Space-only stands must not use neighbouring stand walling. If a wall is marked on the floor plan between two exhibitors by a solid line, space-only exhibitors must construct a wall of at least 2.5m high and must clad and decorate the reverse where it can be seen. We ask that your design be considerate of your neighbouring stands. If you are planning to have any solid walls or anything that has a height above 1.5m, we will require them to be 0.5m inset from the perimeter as a minimum.
  •  All walls must be a stand-alone construction and not rely on other stands walling for support.
  •  No building across the aisles is permitted.