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What's included in your stand package

Pre-Built Stand Inclusions - Fitness + Wellness Australia

  •  For the size of your stand space, please refer to the 'Your Stand' box on the right side of this page - you will need to be logged in to view this. Click the key symbol at the top right of this page if you cannot see your stand details. The above image is of an example of 3 m x 3 m corner shell stand. Your stand may have smaller or larger dimensions but this is the general look and feel of all shell stands. Should you like exact imagery of your stand, please contact Melissa Hinton, Harry the hirer - 02 9666 8699/0478 478 077 or


  •  Shell Scheme stands are constructed with ‘Nero’.
  •  Stands consist of 2.4m high walling constructed using white PVC attached to a flush Nero system (no metal grooves or bars).
  •  NOTE: Actual Panel Size = 985mm wide x 2349mm high
  •  Inline stands will have one side open (front) and corner stands will have two open sides, please refer to the floor plan for the position of your stand.

Nero Walling Structure Stand Display Regulations:

  •  Items allowed on walls: Velcro tape, blue-tac, double-sided adhesive tape, as long as easily removed or wall-mounted shelving and slat walls with hooks (provided by Harry the hirer.) If you plan to hang heavy items from the walls, please contact Melissa (details below) to arrange reinforcing of your walling system. Fees apply.
  •  Items NOT ALLOWED on walls: Pins, staples, screws, nails, bolts, glue, heavy-duty double-sided tape, heavy-duty velcro or paint as these cause permanent damage to the panels. Charges will apply to all damage to wall panels.
  •  No stand, furniture, banner or promotional material may impede on the aisles, neighbouring stands or walls of the venue.
  •  If you have any queries regarding your stand including dimensions, please contact Melissa Hinton, Harry the hirer - 02 9666 8699/0478 478 077 or

Stand Name Board

  •  All open aisle frontages will have a printed fascia with stand number and company name attached to the flush finished overhead fascia frame.
  •  There is a limit of 35 characters, including spaces, for exhibiting names.
  •  Alternatively, you may opt to position your name board on the back wall or choose to remove your name board altogether.
  •  Please submit your fascia signage details via the Harry the hirer 'mini-site' details provided to your primary contract, by 10 February 2022.
  •  Forms that are not completed by the due date will receive a fascia name board with the company name printed as it appears on your contract and positioned at the front of your stand. Changing the fascia onsite may incur further charges.

*Please note the Exhibiting Name chosen for the Fascia Name Board should be the same as the name used for the official event website and Show Magazine.


  •  Furniture is NOT included with stand packages and must be ordered additionally. The Harry the hirer mini-site offers a full range of furniture to hire.
  •  Harry the hirer are the preferred furniture suppliers, alternatively please feel free to supply your own.
  •  Please ensure all furniture and products sit within your stand and do not take up aisle space.

Lighting and Electrics

  •  The official electrical contractor for Hospitality Design Fair is Harry the Hirer.
  •  Nero Shell Scheme Stand Lighting: 2 x 30W track-mounted spotlights per 9 square meters mounted onto the light track inside the fascia. 
  •  Nero Stand Power: 1x 4amp power outlet per single stand, regardless of stand size. Located in a rear corner of a stand unless otherwise organized directly with Harry the hirer.
  •  Nero Stand Exhibitors can order additional power and lighting by completing the details on the Harry the hirer minisite.
  •  If 24-hour power is required, e.g. for refrigeration it must be ordered specifically with Harry the hirer. All stand electrics will be switched off after the specified exhibitor access times.
  •  All electrical equipment brought into the venue must be tagged and tested by a qualified electrician. This includes anything that can or will be plugged into an electrical socket e.g. phone chargers, power boards, laptop cords etc.
  •  If more than the allocated number of electrical sockets is required on a stand, exhibitors will need to bring their own tested and tagged powerboard or contact Harry the hirer prior to the show to arrange for extra electrical sockets to be installed.
  •  The exhibition organiser will provide a testing and tagging service for those items that are not tested and tagged.
  •  If you choose to enclose the roof of your stand and use any electrical items, you must have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher on the stand.


  •  Your stand will be supplied with grey coloured carpet tiles.
  •  If you wish to change floor coverings/carpet colour you may contact Melissa Hinton, Harry the hirer - 02 9666 8699/0478 478 077 or
  •  Additional costs will apply.

Rigged Banners and lighting systems

  •  Shell Scheme stands may rig lighting systems and graphics banners or displays over their stands. The organiser and ICC Sydney must approve all designs and plans.
  •  All rigged banners must fit within exhibitor space size.
  •  Harry the hirer is the exclusive rigging provider for Fitness+Wellness Australia. To arrange rigging, please contact Rory Kelly, Harry the hirer,
    02 9666 8699/0450 607 679. Fees apply for this service.

Selling goods from your stand

  •  As this is a trade show you may take orders and payments (credit card, cash) at the show, but goods must not be traded/delivered/handed over at the show. Stock deliveries must be made off-site at a later date.
  •  From 4 pm – 5 pm on Thursday 24 March ONLY you may sell DISPLAY stock directly from your stand to help speed up your bump-out process and reduce transport costs.