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Access to the ICC loading dock is via a slip-lane from the south bound lane on Darling Drive. A vehicle inspection check point with a boom gate is located at the bottom of the ramp on Darling Drive. All vehicles must be given permission to proceed to the upper or lower docks. There is also a lane for unauthorised vehicles including those outside the approved access window. Each exhibition hall can be accessed via a 5.6 metres wide x 4.5 metres high loading dock door. Loading Dock Level one, servicing halls 1-4, is located on the eastern side of the venue. This fully covered dock is 14.85 metres wide with a clearance of 5 metres. The dock can accommodate 17 semi-trailers concurrently. The dock operates on a one way circulation system to maximise efficiency. An unload limit of 20 minutes per vehicle applies.

Hall Access

The Exhibition Centre halls  have a floor loading capacity of 20kpa (2000kg/sqm).   Each exhibition hall can be accessed via a 5.6 metres wide x 4.5 metres high loading dock door.  Exhibitors wishing to bring vehicles into the halls as exhibitors must contact the organisers before the 29th April 2022 with details of the vehicles to be displayed.  Vehicles may have to be brought into the halls outside the bump in and bump out times given in the event timetable and exhibitors are responsible for the costs of any precautions that may. be required for floor protection and handling into the halls.


If you are involved in or witness an accident or near miss while on site, please report it to the Organiser’s Office immediately.

Trained first aiders are present at the show - if you require first aid assistance, please contact a member of security or the organising team via the organisers office.


Accommodation can be booked here.

Aisle Management

No exhibits or stand bump out may encroach on the aisles which are the minimum required for fire safety legislation. All exhibits, displays and other objects must be contained within the boundaries of each exhibition stand. The Organisers may remove, without notice any items placed outside the confines of an exhibition stand. Any costs incurred in removing items will be charged to the Exhibitor.

 Any exhibitor who has too much stock to fit onto their stand should make adequate arrangements to hold the excess stock elsewhere.


Exhibitors are not permitted to give alcohol away in any form from their stand Exhibitors are not permitted to sell alcohol for onsite consumption.

The consumption of alcohol within the halls during bump in and bump out is not permitted and anyone working under the influence of alcohol may be removed from the venue.


Assistance dogs are the only animals permitted entry to the show without written permission from the organisers.

If you plan to have any other animal(s) or livestock on your stand, you must apply for the relevant permissions via the organisers – please contact


Exponet can supply AV equipment, please order with the Exponet Exhibitor Service Desk, or through the Exponet exhibitor kit

+61 2 9645 7000


Badges & Passes
Exhibitor Badges

Registered Exhibitor passes will be available after 12 pm on the 30th May 2022 at the Registration desk. Please register yourself and your colleagues by clicking

Contractor Passes

Contractor passes are digital only not printed and you should show these on arrival at the hall entrance doors.  You will be given a wristband.

Vehicle Passes

These are issued by ICC staff on the gatehouse. For security reasons, these must be displayed at all times during bump in and bump out. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure vehicle passes are displayed correctly.


The use of helium-filled balloons on your stand is not permitted. If you wish to use air-filled balloons they must be fixed to your stand.

Bump in and Bump Out

Please refer to the Show Timetable section of this manual for access times depending on your stand type.

Canvassing / Aisle Congestion – off stand promotions

Exhibitors may only conduct business and distribute literature from their own stands – please plan your space accordingly. Activities may not spill into aisles; this includes the use of roaming costume comic–style characters. If unwelcome visitors trying to sell their products approach you on your stand, please take a business card from them and inform the organisers.

On stand promotions ARE permitted provided they do NOT in ANY WAY interfere with other exhibiting companies. Presentations which lead to crowding of the aisles, walkways and entrances, or in the view of the Organisers present a safety hazard, are not permitted.


ICC Sydney provides a wide variety of food and beverage services, from refreshment breaks to on-stand catering. All catering must be organised through the ICC Sydney.

Exhibitors must ensure that all equipment required for stand entertainment is held within their stand space. Crowds or guests resulting from catering activities must not block the aisles at any time.

To arrange food and beverage hospitality services, please complete and return the Stand Catering and Kiosk Account Order Form

Cafés and food and beverage outlets inside the venue can be found at the following locations:

ICC Sydney Convention Centre – at ground level and level two.
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre – within each exhibition hall.  ICC Sydney Theatre – at levels two, three, four and six.

Car Parking – See Parking


The aisles and shell scheme stands will be carpeted in charcoal carpet tiles.  It is the responsibility of space only exhibitors to provide flooring or carpet for their custom stands.


A full range of food and beverages will be available from the exhibition cafe during bump in and during the show open period.  There are cafes open outside the Halls during the bump in and bump out both in the building and on the exterior in Harbourside and Tumbalong Park.  ICC Sydney offers a full range of hospitality and on stand catering, if required please download menus here.


If you intend to use any chemicals, you must notify the organisers by declaring your activities on your stand activity Form 1. You will be required to submit a risk assessment and MSDS, in order to comply with the venue’s regulations.


In accordance with Health & Safety regulations, children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the Exhibition Halls during the bump in and bump out periods. There are no exceptions to this rule. With regard to the show open periods, please if you intend for a person under 16 years of age to be working on your stand you must notify the organisers in advance of the show.


Sanitiser and COVID Cleaning

Exhibitors are responsible for providing hand sanitisers for their staff and customers on their stands. Exhibitors are also responsible for cleaning high touch point items on their stands at regular intervals.

Stands will be vacuumed prior to the exhibition opening. No other cleaning of stands will be carried out by the Organisers. However, exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own exhibits. Anything left in the aisles will be treated as waste and will be disposed of. Exhibitors are requested to keep aisles as clear as possible at all times.

If you require additional cleaning, you can do this with the Cleaning Services Order Form.

ICC Sydney is committed to best practices in resource recovery and recycling. ICC Sydney will provide facilities to enable segregation of waste materials generated during event move in, operational and move out (such as mixed recyclables, cardboard and paper, food organics, glass, plastic wrap and untreated timber). Please assist ICC Sydney by using the waste facilities provided.

Any exhibits or other items left after 18.30 for shell stand exhibitors, and 20.30 for space only exhibitors will be disposed of without any prior notice. The Organiser reserves the right to invoice exhibitors for the removal of waste or other such items. Should Exhibitors wish to have additional waste removed or their stands cleaned (in addition to being vacuumed) please contact operations@sydneybuildexpo.com

Code of Practice

Please ensure that your stand is staffed at all times during the show open period and that all exhibits remain displayed during the show open hours. Staff are dressed appropriately for the show, business casual is advised. In order that no discourtesy is shown to last-minute visitors to the show, we ask that no dismantling of displays or exhibits commence until all visitors have left the halls on the final day of the exhibition. You will be notified of when it is safe to begin bump out by public announcement.  Products of companies not exhibiting at the show cannot be used on stands for display purposes without permission from the Organisers.

Compressed Air

Compressed air reticulation infrastructure is available in the upper and lower exhibition halls. The system consists of:

The reticulation system is sized for approximately 12,500 L/Min per Hall.

80-diameter compressed air ring main reticulated in trenches within lower halls 1-4

50mm diameter compressed air pipework reticulated through trenches within halls 2, 3 & 6 running from foyer to loading dock.

80mm isolation valves in ring main to enable each hall to be independently supplied with compressed air if required.

80mm Ball Valve Female Thread available at ends for mobile air compressors.

ICC Sydney does not have dedicated compressors onsite to feed air to the system. Compressors will need to be hired and bumped in for your event.

If you are thinking of using compressed air, please contact Keir Duncan at operations@sydneybuildexpo.com for more information.

Customs & Excise

Customer clearance of goods takes place at the port of entry. The freight forwarding contractor can arrange this for you (DB Schenker). Please refer to the contacts page.

Delivering & Vehicle access to the venue

DB Schenker Australia is the official logistics contractor and their details can be found in the Organisers and Suppliers section of this manual. Please also refer to the Directions and Delivery Instructions for delivery and access details.


Demonstrations should be highlighted on your health & safety form and a risk assessment completed for your activities.

Crowding of the aisles, walkways and entrances by visitors watching presentations are not permitted. Where neighbouring stands cannot mutually agree on a satisfactory level for such activities, the organiser will act as an arbiter. The Organisers decision is final and non-negotiable.

The organisers reserve the right to curtail practice, which they consider dangerous or detrimental to the show. Noise levels must be kept below 50 decibels and not cause annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors and/or visitors. In the case of a dispute, the organiser’s decision is always final. We reserve the right to disconnect the stand power.

Dilapidations & Damages

You are not permitted to fix any part of the fabric of the building and charges will apply to any associated damages. Charges will also apply for paint spillage, abandoned carpet tape, etc.

● In terms of rubbish anything that will not fit into a black plastic bag will not be collected by the cleaners - it will be deemed as abandoned waste and will be charged for.

● Shell scheme exhibitors are also reminded they are responsible for all damage to shell scheme panels and will be charged for any damages through inappropriate fixings, painted panels etc.

● Space only exhibitors are reminded that ALL stand fitting materials, exhibits and flooring must be removed from the halls during bump out.

● It is a requirement that a representative of every space only stand reports to the Organisers Office for a site check before departing. A site clearance form will be issued indicating clearance /charges as relevant.

A stand not obtaining a form will accept any dilapidations charges invoiced to the stand holder after the show. It is therefore essential that you brief your contractors on this system.

● The ICC will charge for any damage made to the walls, floors, paintwork, carpeting and other facilities. Therefore, exhibitors must protect the walls, flooring and fabric of the hall from damage at all times, particularly when moving materials or equipment and if painting or using other fluids on site.

● Notices must not be affixed to the fabric of the building. Sticky fixers, Blue tack, Sticky tape must not be used on painted surfaces. Under no circumstances must cables, wires etc be attached or affixed directly to the walls or ceilings in the main exhibition areas. All Exhibitors need to be self-sufficient with regards to the use and provision of equipment and the rigging/de-rigging of display material.

Draping, Decorations, Artificial Flowers, Candles

All decorations, draping and artificial flowers used for stand dressing must be flameproof and comply with all Fire & Safety Regulations as detailed at the rear of this manual. Copies of all appropriate certificates should be available for inspection on site.

Please note that under no circumstances are display candles to be lit on any stand at any time.

Please note that the use of projectors, gobos, and balloons is not permitted without the prior approval of the organisers – please highlight any such items on your health & safety declaration form and submit together with a risk assessment for your activities to operations@sydneybuildexpo.com

Dress Code

Business or smart casual

Electrical Services

Exponet are the official electrical contractor for the exhibition and will carry out all electrical work in the hall. For your convenience, a service desk will be set up on site adjacent during bump In. Exponet are the exclusive electrical contractor for the show. For all your electrical requirements please place your order online through the link below.

Space Only Stands do not include any electrical supply.

Exponet provides standard 2-pin Australian 4 A socket-outlets with every shell scheme stand.

For space only stands requiring power please see the Exponet Exhibitor Kit or the Exponet Exhibitor Services Desk

Connection of Power to Stands - During bump In, initial connections to stands are made as early as possible; however, space only exhibitors / contractors are advised that stand power will not be available for actual stand construction at the start of the bump out.

If a supply is needed at the start of bump out, then a temporary supply must be ordered for use during bump out-up and bump out. Use of the venue’s electrical sockets is not permitted and cables must not cross aisles. Once power has been energised during bump out-up, it will be switched off each night, including the pre-open night. If you need power overnight, you will need to order a 24-hour supply.

During open, power to your stand will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes each day and will not be switched back on until the following morning. If you require 24-hour power, please arrange this with the electrical contractor. On the last open day, power will not be switched back on under any circumstances, due to the hazards presented during the bump out of stands. If you need a supply beyond this time, please arrange this with the electrical contractor.

For any questions or queries please contact: esd@exponet.com.au

Every piece of electrical equipment that is brought on-site must be tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 prior to use.

All electrical installations or connections must be in accordance with both the Australian Standard 3000 (SAA wiring rules) and the code of practice for Temporary Electrical Installations on building and construction sites (Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985). All work must be carried out or under the control of a certified electrical Event Contractor as agreed and approved by ICC Sydney.

As electrical power supplies will be switched off for periods overnight, should Exhibitors require a 24-hour power supply this should be arranged through the Venues.

Electrical Mains Power Boxes

On every block of shell scheme stands there will be an electrical mains power box. This will be placed on the wall of the stand which is placed over the duct. The organisers will, where possible, try to fix this so that it does not infringe on the stand aesthetics or on a stand with bespoke walling. Please do not cover this power box if it is fixed to your stand walling, as access may be needed at any time.

To order electrics

Exponet:+61 2 9645 7000

✉:    esd@exponet.com.au

Exponet Exhibitor Kit


In the event of an emergency such as medical incident, fire, suspicious package Please notify the nearest member of security or the organisers office immediately. This is to ensure that the emergency services can be directed quickly and efficiently on arrival. Please ensure that you and everybody on your stand familiarise themselves with the emergency procedures in the WHS section of the manual.

Exhibition Layout

Note floorplan layout is very likely to change and if required up-to-date plans should be requested from operations@sydneybuildexpo.com

Your stand location can be quickly referenced here.

Fire Precautions

Fire extinguishers will be distributed around the halls and may NOT be removed. If you have activities which increase the risk of fire, you must order additional extinguishers.

Stand staff should be made aware of the location of all fire exits and alarm points within the hall and may request training on the use of fire extinguishers from the Fire Officers if required. In all cases, a) equipment provided for the sole purpose of first response firefighting must not be abused, misused, relocated or concealed; b) the operational effectiveness of sprinkler installations must not be interfered with; c) fire alarm call points must not be operated without due cause; d) fire doors must not be obstructed, nor their effectiveness otherwise reduced & e) fire hydrants must NOT be used as a source of water, except for fighting fires.

Fire exits must be kept clear at all times and no exhibits or packaging materials may be stored behind stands.

All materials used in stand construction / dressing must be fire retardant to the relevant standards – please consult the operations team for further information. No naked flames or LPG will be permitted without prior written approval.

First Aid

There is First Aid Centre is located on the Concourse level 2 at the South end of the venue and will be open at all times including bump in and bump out. Please contact the organisers or security for assistance

Floor loading & Display

When moving and positioning heavy items within the venue, it is important to consider the floor loading of the area and the path available to that area.

The floor loadings vary throughout the venue and therefore any unusual loads must be discussed with the organisers prior to the bump In. Failure to do this may result in items being unable to be brought into the hall.

The Exhibition Centre halls and the Event Deck slab (open-air area) have a floor loading capacity of 20kpa (2000kg/sqm). Positioning of any heavy items on the covered section of the Event Deck is prohibited.  For all other areas of ICC Sydney, including the Gallery, the floor loading capacity is 5kpa (500kg/sqm).

Factors to be considered by any person working in any area of ICC Sydney include:

  • weight of the item
  • dimensions of the item
  • how it will be transported within the Centre
  • weight of any handling device (e.g. forklift)

If unsure about floor loading capacity for the intended use, make sure to consult ICC Sydney in advance of the event or activity.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage service that is world class in all aspects is the focus of ICC Sydney. From on stand catering solutions, backstage and crew catering, on site eateries and bars, to hosting high profile VIP gatherings, ICC Sydney recognises the importance of outstanding cuisine and service in defining the exhibitor and attendee experience.

Fork Lifts, Lifting, Freight Forwarding and Customs clearance

Please contact DB Schenker – See 1 ORGANISERS & SUPPLIERS SYDNEY BUILD 21 for contact details.


If you require any furniture for your stand, please complete the order online or contact:

The aisles within the event are the minimum permissible by law and have been subject to approval by the Local Authority. Under no circumstances can any part of your stand, furniture or exhibits project beyond the boundary of your stand.

All aisles must remain unobstructed and accessible at all times.

Hazardous and Excessive Waste

Exhibitors and their contractors must remove excessive or hazardous waste at the end of the show, otherwise charges will be incurred.

Excessive waste is defined as: more than 2 boxes of literature, stand fitting material, pallets, material packaging and quantities of unsold stock or ‘give-aways’. Any exhibitor who leaves excessive waste at the venue will be charged for removal by the venue.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes but is not limited to:  light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, electrical equipment and fittings, gloss and emulsion paint and their containers, cooking oils and their containers, aerosols both full or empty, oils and lubricants and oily rags.

The cost of the appropriate disposal of any regulated waste including any toxic or bio-hazardous materials – during event move in, operation, and move out is the exhibitor’s responsibility. Please note that discarding toxic chemicals or waste through the venue’s drainage system or in general waste, is strictly prohibited and will incur significant remedial costs. Hazardous waste must be removed safely and securely and must not remain on the premises after move out. To make arrangements for the appropriate disposal of this type of material or for further information regarding waste management, please contact the organisers.

Hazardous Exhibits

Please consider the safety of your staff and visitors to the show when planning the layout of your stand. Hazardous items, such as knives and hot equipment must be set back from the stand and out of reach of the public. Guards will be required to shield anything emitting heat and any machinery or other equipment, which may present a hazard to visitors. The use of real flame (e.g. candles) must be agreed in advance of the event.


Hot Works

A permit issued by the venue’s safety team is required for any hot work, such as grinding, cutting and welding to be carried out on site. Contractors should contact the organiser’s office in the first instance to request a permit.


The ICC runs an Induction system for contractors involved in the construction of stands during the bump in or bump out period. Exhibitors are not required to complete this induction unless they are involved in significant construction on their stand.  Please contact Keir Duncan for further details.

Space Only Exhibitors should check their contractors are inducted in the venue’s Rapid Global Induction system.  Please email exhibitionservices@iccsydney.com


Exhibitors are reminded that in accordance with the Rules & Regulations they MUST take out adequate exhibition insurance cover.  Workers Compensation Insurance for their staff and public liability insurance to the value of $!0,000,000 in respect of any single claim.  Please submit your Insurance certificate through Form 2.

All exhibitors should have Workcover and Public Liability Insurance. Public Liability should be for a minimum of $10,000,000 per incident. Exhibitors should ensure that they have adequate insurance to cover loss damage and theft of goods as this is not covered by your public liability insurance.

The companies below offer exhibitor insurance. Please note we do not work with these companies and we do not receive any commission for this, we are simply listing them as an option you may want to consider. We are also not liable for any agreement your purchase for them, please check the terms and agreement of the policy fully:



Whilst we take every precaution, we are not responsible for damage or loss to stand fittings and exhibits and cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any properties introduced by the exhibitors and/or their agents/contractors. We advise you to take out adequate insurance to cover your property.

Cancellation and Abandonment insurance to cover your costs and expenses is also highly advisable should you not be able to attend due to adverse weather for example or if the show was to be cancelled or abandoned for any reason. This is a specialist form of insurance normally only found on a separate Exhibition Policy.

Intellectual Property Rights

Exhibitor affirms that, to the best of its knowledge, it has the legal authority for its use of any intellectual property associated with any product or promotional material that it will display, offer, or otherwise use in its exhibit at the trade show/event and it will not knowingly infringe the intellectual property rights of another party.

Internet Access & Telephone / ISDN lines

Wireless connectivity is readily available throughout the venue. Visitors have access to free public Wi-Fi, for basic browsing, email and social media.

Premium service and event specific network services for clients and exhibitors can be requested by completing the Internet Services Order Form available from the downloads section. Custom solutions can be tailored to suit the event needs by working with our event ICT services team. Exhibitors can pre-order connectivity via this form.


● Light fittings must be secured using clips or heavy-duty electrical ties and earth bonded appropriately.

● Light fitting flex must not be draped across the ceiling grid (if applicable), or left hanging in coils or wrapped

around any part of a metal structure. Cable ties must be used to secure flex to the structure.

● Spotlights/floodlights/halogen lamps, etc must be guarded and mechanically fixed, so as to prevent risk of

injury to persons.

● All lighting must be kept at least 300mm away from muslin/fabric ceilings and other combustibles.

● Lighting circuits must not exceed 1,000 watts. They must not be looped or connected to power circuits.

● Heavy fittings (over 1 kg) require a secondary means of support.

Lifting Equipment

DB Schenker can provide fork-lifting services for large exhibit items. To organise this, please contact DB Schenker at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

NO Exhibitor is to bring their own lifting equipment into the exhibition hall, only venue authorised contractors may operate lifting equipment in the exhibition hall.

Music, Noise levels & Performing Rights

The use of public address systems, microphones or sound amplification on any stand is not permitted. No hi-fi, radio, video, cinematograph film, etc. will be permitted without the Organisers prior written authorisation. Noise levels may not exceed 50 decibels as measured at the perimeter of your stand and must not cause annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors. In all cases the Organisers decision is final.

The organisers and you as an exhibitor have a duty of care to those visitors and exhibitors at the show. Please bear in mind your exhibiting neighbours around you and their comfort.

Should you not comply with ANY of the above the organisers reserve the right to terminate the performances.

Organisers Office

The organisers’ office located at the rear of Hall 4 will be open throughout the tenancy period from 8.00am each day.

PA Announcements

It is not possible to make announcements to exhibitors or visitors during the days of the exhibition

Parking & Disabled Parking

More information on this can be found in the directions and delivery instructions section of the manual.

ICC Sydney operates two 24-hour car parking stations with a total of 826 parking spaces including 11 disabled parking bays, 25 motorcycle parking spaces, 50 bicycle racks and 20 electric car charge spaces.

Car Park Height: 2.2m

Alternative car parking can be found in the adjacent Wilson Harbourside centre, accessed from Murray Street. Entry height is 2.0m


Exhibitor Passes

Please apply for Exhibitors passes with LUP CLICK HERE.  Passes will be available for collection from Monday 30 May from 2pm from the Hall 2 registration desk on Level 2.  These passes are valid from bump in to bump including the open period.

Contractor Passes - Space Only Exhibitors Only

Your stand builders will  need Contractors Passes for the event these are valid for the bump in and bump out period only. The contractor passes are digital passes only and emailed to individuals. Show the QR code on the E ticket sent to you - please note these passes are not valid for the open days of the show.  Please do not apply for couriers or others who are not directly engaged by you.

Contractor Passes - CLICK HERE

Plumbing / Water & Waste

ICC Sydney is the exclusive provider of water and drainage services within the venue. Due to restricted access to water supply on the exhibition floor, it is crucial that all plumbing requirements are ordered well in advance of the move in date. ICC Sydney provides required water and drainage connection points in the nearest pit or trench. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange connection from the service pit to equipment as well as any requirement for self-contained sinks.

Please see the Utilities (Water, Drainage and Compressed Air Services) Order Form.


As stand holders, you reserve the right to permit visitors to take pictures within your stand area or of your exhibits and products.

You, the Exhibitors, may use your own photographers to photograph ONLY your stand. Please inform the marketing team if you wish to do this. However, photographers are not to solicit business from other stand holders, take photographs of show features, general areas of other stands, and not sell their work within the exhibition. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or remove from the exhibition anyone contravening this rule.

Rigging & Signage

Rigging requests must be submitted to the organisers for approval before any bookings are made. Please submit a proposal to Keir Duncan.

Only exhibitors who have booked Space Only stands will be considered for rigging requests.

Detailed rigging plans are required no later than 21 days prior to event move in dates. All rigging must comply with the ICC Sydney Fire Engineer Report for the relevant space.

If you require rigging services please contact operations@sydneybuildexpo.com

Socket Outlets

● Only one 4-way extension lead may be connected to each socket outlet and the maximum length of lead permitted is 2 metres.

● Extension leads must not be plugged into other extension leads (commonly known as ‘daisy-chaining’).

● Block adaptors and drum reel extension cables must not be used.

Sampling & Tasting Rules

If you wish to sample food and drink it must be as it is a core function of your business e.g. catering supplier, food producer.  If you wish to provide guests on your stand with food and drink for hospitality purposes, this must be provided through the ICC’s catering team.

If you plan to sample food or drink please contact the organisers for further details. Please contact Keir Duncan for further details.


Although every reasonable precaution is taken and the hall is patrolled day and night, exhibition halls are vulnerable places and the Organisers can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur to your staff or property from any cause. Please consider these security tips when planning your stand:

● Plan your arrival & departure from the venue during bump in and bump out. Ensure there are at least two representatives setting up and dismantling your stand, so that the stand is never left unattended during these vulnerable periods.

● Book sufficient staff for your stand during the show. This ensures it is always staffed. Do not ask a neighbouring exhibitor to watch over your stand while you go for a break – they may become busy and not be able to keep an eye on your stand.

● Place a lockable cabinet on your stand. Lock away briefcases, mobile phones, handbags, laptops, etc during the day even when you are on your stand

● Do not position desirable items at the front of your stand. They can be easily removed.

● Book a night security guard or hire an alarm or a night sheet. Remove high value items from your stand each evening.

● Avoid leaving your stand each evening before the show is clear of visitors. Likewise, ensure your stand is fully manned by the show opening – remember, however, the halls are open each morning, 2 hours prior to opening for maintenance.

● Report anything of a suspicious nature to the organisers or security. Leads can be followed up to avoid incidents of theft. Ensure you are adequately insured – see insurance section

If you are a victim of theft please report the matter immediately to the Organisers Office.

Shell Scheme

See Shell Scheme section of the manual for details & remember to complete your Nameboard Form via the Exponet Exhibitor Kit

2 x LED track and 1 x 4amp power outlet are provided as part of the shell scheme package. If you require anything extra please order this through exponent.

Site Survey

It is each exhibitor's responsibility to examine their allocated site in order to avoid adjustments to stand structures or displays, as variations in the floor level or obstructions cannot always be indicated on the floor plan, In your own interest you should also satisfy yourself as to the condition of the site before both erection and after clearance.


Smoking is not permitted at any time inside the exhibition halls whatsoever.

Space Only Exhibitors

Please refer to the Space Only section of this manual

Special Effects

If you are planning to use any special effects on your stand, you must inform the organisers as soon as possible by email: operations@sydneybuildexpo.com

Special effects include (but are not limited to) lasers, strobe lights, pyrotechnics and smoke machines.

The information which will be required includes a risk assessment and full details of the operator and manufacturer. Certification from an independent specialist may also be required, and any costs associated with this will need to be covered by the exhibitor.


There are no onsite storage facilities please contact DB Schenker to arrange.


It may be possible to hire trolleys and porters via DB Schenker. Trolleys are only permitted on the exhibition floor outside show open hours for the safety of visitors.

Vehicle Exhibits

Please contact the organisers with a completed copy of the ICC Vehicle Permit Form if you wish to discuss the possibility of displaying any kind of vehicle exhibit.   Exhibitors must receive organisers and venue permission to bring a vehicle into the hall as an exhibit.  Access details and restrictions can be found under "A Access"

In the interests of public safety and security, exhibitors planning to include a vehicle on their stand must comply with provide the following:

1. Provide contact details for the person/s delivering and collecting the vehicles. 

2. When vehicles are displayed on ICC Sydney flooring, carpet is required to be placed under tyres. 

3. Do not leave keys with the vehicle; a second set is to be provided to venue security in case of emergency. 

4. The location of the vehicle shall not obstruct or block exits

5. Place a drip tray underneath vehicle.

6. Ensure that vehicles carry no more than 5 litres of fuel (not including fuel that may be present in the fuel line and      engine). Lock/seal fuel tanks to prevent removal by third parties.

7.  F
or vehicles fuelled by ethanol, methanol or nitromethane, the fuel tanks must be completely empty/purged.

8. An agreed access time with the organisers which may sit outside the advertised bump in out times.  The exhibitor is responsible for covering any costs involved in adhering to the agreed timetable.

Water Features

Any exhibitor wishing to exhibit a Water Feature (such as Operating Showers, Spa Baths, Garden Ornaments, Fountains, Washing Equipment, Pools, etc) on their stand must inform the Organisers by completion and submission of the stand activity form. There are charges for the supply and removal of bulk amounts of water within the venue in addition to safety requirements depending on the type of use required by the exhibitor.  Please contact exhibtionservices@iccsydney.com for more details.