Deliveries, Parking & Storage
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Any mail or courier deliveries directed to you at the Fair should be clearly addressed as follows:

Your contact name
Your contact mobile phone number
Your gallery name and Booth number
Sydney Contemporary
245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh (corner Codrington Street)
NSW, 2015

Please ensure you are on your booth to accept your delivery as you will need to register the delivery driver for a pass to allow access to your stand. There MUST be someone to collect the delivery otherwise it will be sent away. Only a representative from your stand, who already has an exhibitor pass will be authorised to register the delivery driver for temporary entry to the fair.

Do not send any mail or courier to the Organiser’s office.  For security reasons, the Organisers will not accept or sign for deliveries on your behalf.

Note: Deliveries can only be made between Tuesday 10 September and Sunday 15 September. Neither Carriageworks nor the Organisers will accept deliveries on behalf of any Exhibitor.


There is exhibitor car park on site at Traverser 2 on the west side of the building which is available for pre-booking only.  The cost is $38.50 per day if booked in advance, please note parking will be limited to a maximum of one space per gallery. To book complete and return the Parking Booking Form.


IAS Fine Art Logistics will be offering onsite secure storage. Exhibitors will be permitted to store artworks onsite in an allocated area provided this has been booked in advance.  Whilst in store all of your artworks will be managed by IAS’s in-house inventory management system and bar coded for identification. Secure storage space is limited and is allocated on a first come first serve basis. There will be a charge levied for this service. Please contact IAS Fine Art Logistics for further details, or complete and return FORM 10 prior to the deadline. 

Sydney Contemporary also provides space for empty crates.  Empty crate storage is free of charge, but please note that it will not be secure/managed over the course of the fair.  Whilst Fair Organisers will do their utmost to ensure your property is secure, this area is a shared communal area for all exhibitors and the Fair Organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property left in this area.  All materials and stand fittings must be removed from storage after breakdown otherwise the Fair Organisers will need to dispose of them and the cost will be passed on to the exhibitor.

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