A-Z Information
This event has ended.


Exhibitors may not hang banners above their stands without the permission of the organisers. Please contact the organisers to gain approval for rigging. The Organisers decision is final.


The nearest car parks to the venue are:

ICC Sydney Car Park 1
14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000

Rates are:

0 - 1 hour - $18.00
1 - 2 hours - $30.00
2 - 3 hours - $38.00
3 - 4 hours - $44.00
4+ hours (to 4am only) - $49.00

Please note there is no discounted exhibitor parking on the open days of the show.
Discounted parking is available on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday only. exhibitors should validate their parking tickets at the exhibitor services desk on level 2 concourse before returning to their vehicles

Wilson Parking – Darling Quarter 1-11 Harbour Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Mon - Fri
0.0 - 0.5 hrs $5.00
0.5 - 1.0 hrs $19.00
1.0 - 2.0 hrs $32.00
2.0 - 3.0 hrs $42.00
3.0 - 4.0 hrs $49.00
4.0 + hrs $56.00

Wilson Parking – Harbourside Car Park 100 Murray Street, Pyrmont

0.0 - 0.5 hrs $6.00
0.5 - 1.0 hrs $16.00
1.0 - 2.0 hrs $26.00
2.0 - 3.0 hrs $32.00
3.0 + hrs $38.00
Motorcycle $14.00

Unfortunately, we have no free parking available and these car parks charge parking fees. Exhibitors qualify for a discounted day rate of $25 during bump in days.


The stands and aisles will be carpeted in a grey charcoal carpet. Alternatively, if you wish to order floor coverings, you may do so using floor flats or other carpet colours which you are able to purchase directly from Exponet, please contact Exponet directly.


Children under the age of 16, (including babies and toddlers!) are NOT permitted in the venue during Bump in and Bump out, nor may they be left in vehicles on the loading dock during bump in and bump out. The venue is a potentially dangerous environment for children during Bump In and Bump Out and this rule will be enforced strictly. Please note that once the show closes on the last day, children must be removed from the venue before bump out can commence.  Please make any necessary arrangements for your children in advance as this regulation cannot be waived.


The aisles and your stand will be vacuumed every night BEFORE the show opens. Any special cleaning requirements should be raised with the organisers.


It is in the interest of exhibitors and visitors that any faults or failures in the services provided at The Cake Bake & Sweets Show should be brought to the attention of the organisers as soon as possible. We cannot rectify problems after the show!


You may employ the stand contractor of your choice for dressing your stand, except shell scheme (and additions to shell scheme) for which the official contractor is Exponet.

You are not obliged to use any of these contractors however we would encourage you to do so as you will benefit from economies of scale and their intimate knowledge of the event.

If you are employing a contractor to build your Space Only stand, it is essential that your contractor is fully aware of their responsibilities under all relevant Health and Safety legislation, as well as the venues and organisers stand build regulations.


Exhibitors are not permitted to fix onto or alter the appearance of any surface in the Venue. Exhibitors are reminded that if this condition is breached, they will be charged for making good, restoring or renewing any damage to the venue or site, for example, marks by or to paint, tape, bolt, screw and nail holes or damage to pillars etc. If you damage the shell scheme panels you will be charged.


See Page 5, Deliveries, Fork Lifting & Storage.


We would ask that you ensure that your stand and exhibits comply with relevant legislation and are easily accessible to wheelchair users and that all signage is as clear as possible for those with impaired vision.

Disabled access is available to all the venues within the building. If you require assistance when visiting the building, please contact us to discuss your requirements at keir@we-events.com.au.


You are reminded that all businesses including the dispensing of literature and promotional material must be conducted from your stand. Your staff members are not permitted to hand out leaflets etc. at the entrance to the event, the aisles or any other part of the venue.


The official electrical contractor for Cake, Bake and Sweets Show is Exponet. Shell Scheme Exhibitors can order additional power and lighting through the Exponet - Exhibitor Info & Order Form in the Additional Services and Permit Forms section online. Space-only contractors should order mains electrical supplies with Exponet directly. Please ensure that all equipment you bring into the venue is Tagged and Tested. Inspections will be carried out and you may be required to submit equipment for testing at your cost ($15 per tag) if tags are not present.


EFTPOS machines are arranged through your bank, not the organisers. EFTPOS machines work on the mobile


Although the utmost care will be taken with security arrangements, ICC, Sydney and the organisers accept no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibitor's equipment or property whilst it is on site at Cake, Bake and Sweet Show. Exhibitors should ensure they are adequately covered by insurance for loss, damage and theft. This is not covered under a public liability policy.


Services provided include water and waste, internet, catering and telephone lines.

T: 02 9215 7373
E: exhibitionservices@iccsydney.com

Link to exhibitor order forms http://www.iccsydney.com.au/plan-an-event/event-toolkit/exhibitor-order-forms


Textile fabrics used for interior display purposes on the stand must be treated with an approved flameproof chemical and conform to Local Statutory Building Regulations. Certain fabrics such as wool, twill, or felt need not be proofed. Textile fabrics used for interior decorative purposes within stands must be fixed taut and/or in light pleats (not draped) to a solid backing and secured above floor level, not touching light fittings.


ICC Sydney contains all fire prevention equipment as required by law. All fire equipment must be visible and accessible to the public – under no circumstances should this equipment be obstructed by your furniture or stand material. For fire regulations, please refer to the VENUE EMERGENCY EVACUATION SITE PLAN in the additional information section.


All incidents and accidents must be reported immediately to the organisers or security staff. All security staff are qualified first aiders and so in the event of a medical emergency please alert a member of the organisers or security staff. Please do not call the emergency services yourself, the venue co-ordinates with the emergency services directly to ensure minimum delay. Third party calls slow down response time.


Food sale for both immediate and take home consumption and sampling is permitted.  You will still need to apply for permits with both the City of Sydney and the ICC Sydney:


You must first complete and return the  City of Sydney Temporary Food Stall Details form to the City of Sydney. They will issue you with A TFP number which you must include with your ICC Sydney permit form, you should also give this TFP in the Stand Activity Form online.

There will be a communal wash-up area however you must bring all items soaps utensils towels etc that you need to wash up yourself

Samples given away free of cost to the visitor must be:

  • Items which exhibitors sell wholesale in the normal conduct of business OR
  • Items which are produced by equipment used in the normal conduct of their business.

Portions are to be of normal tasting size only and:

  • Non-alcoholic beverage samples should be no larger than 100ml.
  • Wine and beer samples are to be no larger than 50ml.
  • Spirit samples are to be no more than 20ml.
  • Solid food should be no larger than bite size (50g).

You must return the City of Sydney Sampling permit form http://www.iccsydney.com.au/~/media/ICC/Files/PDF/Forms/Permit-Forms/ICCSydney-permit-form-food-and-beverage-sampling


Open toed shoes and sandals are not permitted to be worn inside the building during Bump in and Bump Out – you will be refused entry to the building.


Furniture is not supplied with your stand – you may bring your own or hire from Exponet please view the full range of Furniture at their website www.exponet.com.au


Good graphics on your stand will get you and your products noticed. From your own colour transparencies or photographs, you can have stand graphics printed bespoke for your stand, and set you apart from your competitors. If you wish to discuss a graphics package, please contact Exponet. Under no circumstances are exhibitors permitted to hang banners or other graphics above their stand.


Neither the organiser, the venue, or any staff, employees, agents or other representatives of Fairfax Media or the venue shall be liable for any damage, loss, harm or injury to the exhibitor, employees, agents or other representatives of the exhibitor or for goods sent to the venue before or remaining after the exhibition, or whilst in transit to or from, or during the exhibition.

It is a legal requirement that exhibitors have appropriate public liability insurance cover for no less than $10 million dollars in respect of any single claim. It is a legal requirement that the organisers verify that all exhibitors hold Public Liability Insurance and Workcover Insurance for your employees.

Exhibitors must upload a Certificate of Currency detailing the following:
Insured: Your Company Name
Type of Policy: Must show "Public Liability"
Sum Insured: $10,000,000 (e.g. limit of indemnity)
Period of Cover (must cover from the first day of the bump into the final day of a bump out)
Insurer: ABC Insurance Company


You can order internet services through the Venue, or alternatively you can bring your won pre paid internet dongle. To order internet services please complete and return the venue internet services form in the Order Forms and Downloads section.


The sale, distribution and consumption of alcohol anywhere on the premises is subject to licensing laws, a breach of which may result in fines (please refer to Alcohol)


Exhibitors can sample liquor in the following measures:

liquor spirit (20ml or less)
wine and beer (50ml or less).

All persons serving alcohol samples must hold a current NSW competency card, a copy of which must be supplied to the event organiser and ICC Sydney prior to tenancy.

• Mandatory Liquor and Gaming NSW signage is to be clearly displayed on each stand serving alcohol.

Exhibitors cannot offer liquor to be sold for takeaway from the venue.  Exhibitors can take orders and payment for liquor to be sent to visitors after the show.

Other Activities – Subject to venue and or organiser approval, additional licenses may apply for entertainment, laying of wood chips, displays containing any water or liquid substance including water features and aquariums, helium balloons, confetti, streamers, lasers, smoke machines, flammable gas/ liquids, any dangerous machinery, paint – no matter how small the amount, goods classified under the Dangerous Goods Act or Hazardous Substances etc.




Any items found should be handed into the Organisers Office.


No LPG will be allowed in the venue without the permission of the organisers and venue. Any gas bottles must be removed from the building and stored outside the venue overnight. Arrangements for storage should be made in advance with Keir Duncan and ICC Sydney.


Promoting your presence at the Show, for more details on the Show's marketing campaign, tips on how to best promote your business at the Show and to download badges, banners and cubes that you can use on your website please contact the organisers.


A public-address system will be in operation during bump in and bump out only. No paging will be permitted during the open hours of the show, except in emergencies.


The organisers have arranged recorded music throughout show hours and reserve the right to refuse additional music at the show.

Exhibitors playing music or videos must keep the sound at a level that is not intrusive to other exhibitors. All speakers must face the interior of the stand and not the aisles or neighbouring stands. The organisers reserve the right to cut power to a stand if in the opinion of the organisers, the sound level is too high and the exhibitor does not conform to the verbal requests to reduce the level of the sound. All exhibitors must comply with APRA's licensing/ copyright requirements for the use of recorded music, videos, DVDs or any other published work covered under their licensing agreements.


The Organisers Office is located at the rear of the Halls.


See Car Parking


Exhibitor Passes will be required if you are an exhibitor or working on an exhibitor's stand. These passes are collected onsite; they will not be sent out in advance. On arrival for Bump In, security must be given a valid company name or stand number and you will be issued with a temporary pass. Please make your way to the Organisers Office collect your Exhibitor Passes. After you have collected your passes and made arrangements to distribute them to your staff. After 1400 on Thursday 30 November, a valid exhibitor pass must be worn otherwise you will be refused entry by security.

You must arrange to meet with any staff member who has not received their pass in time for the show. They will not be allowed into the building to look for you. Each badge will indicate the exhibitor and the individual's name. Please note these passes are not transferable and must only be worn by employees or temporary stand staff of the exhibitor. If staff changes over the course of the show the old pass must be returned to the Organisers Office and swapped for a new one.


Contractor Passes – Contractors wishing to gain access during the bump in and bump out must know the company name and stand number of the stand they are working on. Passes will be issued by security during the bump in days when contractors arrive which are only valid during specified hours of the bump in and bump out and will not be valid during the open days. These passes are free of charge and can be collected on arrival at the show.


If you require water and waste services and access on your stand please order through the venue. The venue utility form can be found in the Additional Services section in the online manual.


For bus & train timetables, visit the public transport website at http://www.transportnsw.info/. Also look at the ICC Sydney Website.



Please note that a representative of your company should be present to sign for any deliveries. The organisers will not sign for deliveries on your behalf, if you cannot be there to accept your deliveries please send your goods signature not required.


Exhibitors are not permitted to rig graphics or banners above their stand without permission see banners. Any proposed rigging must be approved by the organisers. Lighting rigs for bigger stands must also be submitted to the organisers generally the organisers will not object to lighting rigs. Riggers contact details will be provided once approval has been granted. Exhibitors must use the organisers preferred rigging contractor you may not engage another rigging company not engaged for the show.


The scanners for The Cake Bake & Sweets Show is ordered from Lüp.

Visitors will be provided with a QR code on their entry tickets to scan at exhibitor stands to enter competitions, request more information and join newsletters at the touch of a button.

Exhibitors will be given all data collected on their stands during the show, via the electronic leads scanners. The team from Lüp will contact all exhibitors for listing information.

Please use your ‘exhibiting name' for your listing. This is the name you should also use for the fascia name board.

For more information about the Electronic Lead Scanners please contact Lüp. Or visit their website http://lup.com.au/ or see the LUP Scanner Information File


Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken during the show to ensure the premises are adequately patrolled, the organisers expressly disclaim responsibility for any loss or damage to property of any exhibitor from any cause. It is essential that you report any loss sustained from your stand to the security or Organisers Office.


Shell Scheme stands are constructed from a modular system called "Octanorm". Stands consist of silver poles and beams which hold white infill panels made of "Foamex" (4mm thick). There are fascia name board panels fixed to the open sides of your stand, holding your name board in place, these are supported by poles. Inline stands will have one side open and corner stands will have two open sides, please refer to the floor plan for the position of your stand. Half island or island stands have three or four open sides respectively.


Exhibition stands must be manned at all times during show opening hours. It may be obvious but a standing, smiling exhibitor is much more approachable than someone seated and looking disinterested or reading the paper!


Storage is not included in your stand package. Exhibitors should store all their stock on their stand or contact the organiser to discuss their storage requirements. Receiving and fork lifting of your goods either to storage or to your stand included in your stand package but must be booked through Agility prior to the fair.


A telephone and internet service can be provided to individual stands. To organise this please order through ICC, Sydney. Their order form can be found in the Additional Services section of the manual. Please note that EFTPOS machines are generally wireless and won't require a dedicated landline. Please check the details with your bank.

The building does have a Wi-Fi system however if you rely on the service for transactions or data capture we recommend you bring your own wireless device or order hire a hard-wired connection from the venue.


A limited number of trolleys will be available for use by exhibitors. Trolleys may be collected from the storage supervisor in the storage area and will need to be signed in and out. Identification will be needed to use this service and a cash deposit may be required


If you require temporary staffing to assist on your stand please contact the organisers for advice. We have a number of agencies that we can recommend depending on your particular requirements.




High visibility vests must be worn; these may be picked up at the Loading Dock entrance. These must be returned on exit from the halls.


If you plan to bring a vehicle onto your stand to exhibit please contact the organisers.


All Exhibitors are required to meet the WHS regulations of ICC, Sydney and state and federal legislation in addition to their responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and SafeWork NSW.

The following venue WHS and Site Safety regulations must be strictly adhered to:

  • Smoking is not permitted inside or within 5 metres of any entry/exit door.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted within the venue or on the loading dock during move in and move out under any circumstances.
  • Safety vests must be worn during contractor build (move in) and dismantle (move out) and wherever mobile plant equipment is operating within the venue’s precinct.
  • Closed-toed footwear must be worn by all event-related personnel during move in and move out and footwear must be worn at all times during the hire period.
  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) meeting Australian standards must be worn on site at all times.
  • The possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs of addiction is strictly prohibited by on-duty, event-related personnel. Persons found under the influence of alcohol or drugs of addiction will not be permitted to commence or continue work under any circumstance.

Please make your staff aware of the emergency evacuation procedures for the hall and make sure they are aware of what to do in an emergency.

Please ensure that your staff do not wear open-toed shoes for Bump In and Bump Out and that any children related to you or your employees are not brought to the hall or the loading dock during bump in and bump out. You must also wear a high visibility vest during bump in and bump out

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