Bump in and Bump Out
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Bump in

Wed 21 November 2018 SPACE ONLY 12pm - 8pm
Thu 22 November 2018 All Exhibitors 8am - 10pm

Every person is required to wear High Visibility vests and enclosed shoes when on the loading dock and/or show floor, during bump in.

High Visibility vests can be purchased via the vending machines on level 2 by the elevators for $10 each. Alternatively, you may bring your own or hire one from the organisers for bump in and bump out for a $5 deposit. Please bring correct change.

Children 16 or under (including babies and toddlers) are not permitted on the loading dock or in the building during bump in or bump out. There are no exceptions.

All Exhibitors are required to meet the WHS regulations of ICC, Sydney and state and federal legislation in addition to their responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and SafeWork NSW.

The loading dock for this event is: Upper Level Loading Dock. After 20 minutes you will be directed to move your vehicle.

There is NO facility for parking on the loading dock for more than 20 minutes for any vehicle including oversize vehicles. Parking options are listed in A-Z Section.

Bump Out

Sun 25 November 2018 Shell Scheme – Except for couriers
All Stands to be cleared by 10 pm
5.30 pm – 10 pm
Mon 26 November 2018 Space Only 7 am – 10 am 7 am - 12 pm 

Bump Out Information

To help clear stock, you may sell DISPLAY product between 4 pm and 5 pm Dismantling of stands must NOT begin before 5.30 pm on Sun 25 November 2018. Loading Dock doors will not open until all visitors and children 16 years or under have exited the building and all exhibitors and contractors are wearing high visibility vests and enclosed shoes.

Please note that at the close of the show on Sun 25 November 2018 ALL children MUST be removed from the venue before bump out can commence. Please make any necessary arrangements for your children in advance, as this regulation cannot be waived.

Please supply your own high visibility vest for bump out. Alternatively if you would like to borrow an organiser high visibility vest it's on a first come first served basis for a deposit of $5.

Please dismantle and pack up your stands before collecting cars and bringing them to the loading dock for bump out, as there is a time limit of 20 minutes only for loading vehicles. Alternatively, you can use the lifts from the concourse to travel directly to the car park under the venue. Fees apply to park in the ICC car park, no discounted rates available.

If you are using the official freight partner, Agility to freight your goods, they will provide you return labels during bump out.

If you are NOT using Agility to freight your goods, you will need to provide your own return labels.

Any stock to be picked up by a third party or on Monday 26 November between 8 am - 10 am is to be boxed up or placed on a pallet, labelled clearly with your return address and neatly placed in the centre of your stand. Please ensure the people collecting your goods know what hall and stand number your goods are located in. See the Agility service desk onsite for assistance.

The Organiser, Stand Contractor and venue management accept no responsibility for goods left on the walls or poorly stacked on the floor or for damaged or lost property.

Any rubbish is to be neatly packed up and placed in the middle of the aisle for cleaners to collect.

Post Show Collection of Goods

If you require freight pick up on Monday morning, we recommend using the official show logistics partner, Agility

Freight pickups can be made between 8 am - 10 am Mon 26 November 2018 but your goods must be wrapped, clearly labelled with a return address and left neatly in the centre of your stand.

All exhibitor freight must be removed by 10 am Monday 26 November If your courier has not arrived by this time, your goods will be transported offsite to an Agility warehouse who will attempt to contact you before this action is taken however you are advised once your goods are shipped fees will apply for their release from storage.

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