Vendor Passes
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Vendor Passes

  •  All staff working on a stand require a Vendor Pass.
  •  These passes must be ordered in advance via Staff Pass & Lead Scanner Portal
  •  Your staff passes will be collected onsite: they will NOT be sent out in advance.
  •  If you have collected a pass on behalf of a colleague, you will need to meet them outside the show hall to collect. They will not be allowed on to the show floor to look for you.
  •  It is highly recommended you collect your pass from the registration desk outside Door 2 during Bump In. Passes will be available to collect between 8 am – 9 am of the show, however, visitors will be arriving to collect their passes too.
  •  Vendor Passes are allocated based on stand size as follows:
    • 8m x 6m (48sqm): 10 x Vendor Passes
    • 7m x 6m (42sqm): 8 x Vendor Passes
    • 6m x 6m (36sqm): 6 x Vendor Passes
    • 6m x 4m (24sqm): 5 x Vendor Passes
    • 6m x 3m (18sqm): 4 x Vendor Passes
    • 4m x 3m (12sqm): 4 x Vendor Passes
    • 5m x 2m (10sqm): 4 x Vendor Passes
    • 3m x 3m (9sqm): 3 x Vendor Passes
    • 3m x 2m (6sqm): 2 x Vendor Passes
    • 2m x 1.5m (3sqm): 2x Vendor Passes
  •  If you need to order additional vendor passes, please select and pay for these via the Registration & Lead Scanner Portal tab above. Additional Vendor passes are $295 each. Any queries please email Kiarna Harvey

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