Food & Beverage Sampling
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Food & Beverage Sampling

If your core offering is Food & Beverage, we absolutely recommend sampling your products for attendees.

There are some forms you must complete which are:

  1. City of Melbourne Temporary Food & Beverage Premises
  2. MCEC Food Sampling Permit Form

Please complete these forms within the Stand Activity Form in the Forms To Action tab. You should allow 21 days for the registration and notification to be processed.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.  Do I need to complete any forms if I'm just handing out pre-wrapped lollies or mints etc, that are not part of my core business?

A. No, you do not need to complete a sampling form for small giveaways on your stand. 

Q. Is there any cost for sampling food or drink?

A.  The City of Melbourne will not charge you for completing the Temporary Food & Beverage Premises. You will be charged by MCEC for extra cleaning in case of spillage or for the removal of food or wet waste incurred at your stand.

Q. Do you provide any refrigerated Storage for our sample products?

A. No, there is no refrigerated storage onsite. If you require this, you will need to arrange your own refrigeration pre-show and during the show.

Q. Can I sell food or beverages at the show?

A. As this is a trade show you may take orders and payments (credit card, cash) at the show, but goods must NOT be traded/delivered/handed over at the show. Stock deliveries must be made off-site at a later date.  You can, however, sample products at the show. From 3pm - 4pm on Saturday 17 June, you may sell DISPLAY stock directly from your stand to help speed up your bump out process and reduce transport costs.