Lead Scanners
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What is a lead scanner?!

  •  Lightweight, battery-operated device where staff can annotate captured leads immediately. Simply scan a visitor badge and instantly make notes against their contact details.
  •  Enables you to search, edit and add to your captured leads. Instantly email individual records or a group of records in one step. In addition, easily export your list of leads to excel.
  •  Statistical analysis of your leads is provided including total qualifiers and follow up actions.
  •  Enables you to monitor the follow-up of your leads by adding notes to each lead record and drops your required follow-up actions into a calendar.
  •  Data captured is available for 1 month free of charge.
  •  Order or register your lead scanner using the Lead Scanner Form in Forms To Action (this depends on your stand package).

How do I register my lead scanner?

  •  You must register your lead scanner so our registration contractor, Lup, can configure it for your company and your specifications. Please see the Lead Scanner registration form in for more details.

How do I collect my lead scanner at the show?

  •  Your lead scanner will be delivered to your stand by a Lup team member, they will run through how to use the device and answer any questions you may have. If your lead scanner is not on your stand before the show opens, see the Lup team at the registration counter.
  •  Lup will provide you with training for your lead scanner when you collect it. They will also send a username and password to your chosen email address so you can instantly access your lead data.
  •  At the end of the show, leave your lead scanner at your stand and Lup will come around to collect them.

How do I order a lead scanner if it wasn't included in my stand package?

  •  There is an 'Order a Lead Scanner' form in the section, you can easily order it online.

How do I access my lead scanning data?

  •  Lup, our registration partner, will email your company's primary contact one week prior to the show with login details to view and download your leads.
  •  If you cannot find this email, please contact Lup so they can resend it to you.